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Mr. Premchand Motta is well known not only in India but in more than 125 countries across the world for his 'spices annual reports' which contain his forecast of the market trends for the coming months. Through which all leading sellers and buyers of spices are benefitted very much.


At the age of 23, Mr. Premchand Motta became famous in more than 150 countries of the world as one of the best spices analysts.


His analysis report has given profit of multi-million rupees to leading spices powder manufacturers, spices traders of the entire world and specially of India.



Mr. Biren Vakil is a veteran in trading and risk management in the Indian commodity markets.

He is associated with key exchanges, intermediaries and large broking houses and business media. He has worked as a consultant for The Multi Commodity Exchange of India, The National Multi Commodity Exchange - NMCE during their initial commissioning.


He regularly appears in popular electronic media such as CNBC, Times Now, Zee Business, Zee Gujarati, E TV and VTV. He has also appeared as a Gold Analyst at the international news channel Al-Jazeera. He is a columnist with the largest selling Gujarati daily Divya Bhaskar, Commodity World, Phool Chaab and Gujarat Guardian.

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